In partnership with the British Council, British-Arab Exchanges (BAX) have recently been running workshops on Positive Dialogue Skills in all six universities in Gaza. Many Gazan students would love to have more interaction with students abroad, but are prevented from travelling by the current blockade. BAX is arranging for groups of Gazan students to take part in videoconference discussions with groups of British students in London.

To enable Gazan students to connect with UK students, and vice versa.
To enable the Gazan students to practise their dialogue skills
To discuss topics of mutual interest (current, but not exclusively political)
To lay a foundation for ongoing dialogue between the two groups (via social media or any other means), leading perhaps to some practical collaboration in the future

Criteria for participating in the programme

Currently studying in British higher education
Agreement with the vision, mission and values of BAX
Have a general interest in the Middle East (or current affairs generally)
Wish to gain an understanding of the situation in which the young Gazans live
Provide positive reasons for taking part
Be able to attend at the appointed times
Be prepared to follow up with the Gazan students, and try to keep the link going.

The invitation is specifically for British students, and we welcome applicants from diverse cultural and belief backgrounds.
How to apply

Please email telling us:

Your name, home address and full contact details, university and subject studied

A brief outline of why you would like to take part

How you meet the required criteria listed above We look forward to hearing from you!

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