About Us

We regret that BAX has had to make the sad decision to close. The website is retained for historical reference.

  • Bridging Divisions
  • Learning from the Past
  • Building for the Future 

BAX arranged exchange visits that enabled British and Arab students or young professionals to meet and to gain an understanding of each other’s countries.

In the course of their visit, normally lasting two weeks, participants were given insight into the other country’s history, culture and society, while developing their own skills in leadership and community-building.

Approximately thirty-eight exchange visits took place since 1973, with hundreds of young people participating from Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, the Palestinian Occupied Territories, Lebanon, Iraq, Britain, France, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

These visits opened the participants’ eyes to truths about themselves, their nations, and the experience of others.


Meeting with UDA and former IRA Leaders, Belfast 2010