Past Projects

November 2011: Palestinians building the future Leadership Programme

The nine participants are all emerging leaders in Palestinian civil society, ranging from academics to non-violent resistance campaigners.

Their schedule included memorable meetings in Belfast and Derry, as guests of the Northern Ireland Assembly, and visits to Parliament, DFID and the FCO, and the BBC.

They also attended daily leadership training sessions, and took part in work placements to expand their professional experience. One delegate from the West Bank, said “We succeeded in creating one vision for the group, and we will work together now for a better future”.

Another, from Gaza, said “I have learnt that there are other people suffering as well as us, and that we have friends who support us”.

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BUILDING THE FUTURE 2012 Report | Download

Palestinian Novermber 2011 London Visit

Participants of the Palestinian Civil Society discuss issues in the Northern Ireland Assembly.